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Sunset Sky bracelet -

This unique bracelet adds a touch of elegance and color-inspired beauty to your ensemble. The rich hues in the lampwork glass bead inspired me to create this Sunset Sky bracelet.  Perfect for anyone who appreciates the beauty of handcrafted jewelry and wants to stand out with a unique and eye-catching accessory. A great gift option for a unique artistic jewelry lover or anyone who loves to add a pop of color and personality to their style.

This unique bracelet features a one-of-a-kind lampwork glass bead in ambers, golds, and blue whispy tones. The warm hue of the glass is accented by the permanently colored copper wire wraps in reds and purples. The bracelet is easy to wear with a simple hook and eye clasp.

Sunset Sky - Lampwork Glass and Metal Bracelet

  • This bracelet is easy to take care of. Just wipe down with soft cloth to remove any fingerprints on glass. Do not submerge in pool water as it might discolor the copper wire.

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