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The Backstory


I am an artisan that started with drawing and painting in my early years. My art explorations continued on to photography, which I still enjoy. My adventure with glass began with college class on laboratory glassblowing and continues to this day.


Glass is such an amazing and spellbinding medium! It is liquid and hot and untouchable; it changes and transforms with forces of heat and gravity; but when cooled off, it is timeless, capturing a moment of creation for eternity. 

Whether it is borosilicate or soda lime, it has the same magical and hypnotic properties. The glass I work with the most is soda lime. I create intricate beads to be made into jewelry, or to be carried around in a pocket and admired like little portable talismans. 

My adventure with glass began with a class on laboratory glassblowing. It was fascinating, even if the end result was ordinary lab equipment. 

Clear glass was fascinating enough, but discovering colored glass was like opening that 120-color set of markers, wanting to test each color and taking hours discovering color possibilities. 

It was amazing to discover that some colors can interact, creating happy accidents, and then use those accidents to create new colors, shapes, and reactions. The magic continued with silver glass, and its transformations in color, opacity, and crazy possibilities of reactions. Talk about an addiction!

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