Lampworking Tool - Lampwork Glass Wire Holder

Really useful tool for making glass headpins and charms directly on wire. This pin vise closes down to hold the smallest wire. I use 20 gauge copper or silver filled wire with this holder. 

Here are some pros and cons for you:

1- closes and holds tight wire down to the smallest gauge.
2- all metal construction means you don't have to pull the finished wire with glass out of it before placing in kiln, you can put the whole thing in to anneal it. 
3- if you have a set of these (I have 8 personally) you can preload them with 3 inch lengths of wire and have them ready for your creativity.

1- the handle can get rather warm depending on how long you work your glass. (all metal handle. helpful if you read # 2 in Pros)
2- the opening being so small, it may be tricky to initially fit the wire down it. (I use long needle to pry it open a little, I will do that before shipping it out)
3- can't think of anything....

As far as the handle getting really warm, if you don't plan on placing the entire thing in the kiln, you can wrap the handle with some heatproof material.:)

This pin vise is four inches long with textured handle to ensure a firm grip. This listing is for 1 pin vise.

The glass hearts and silver wire in photos is for illustration only and is not included in the sale.

Lampworking Tool - Lampwork Glass Wire Holder