Lampwork Glass Frit Tray

As lampwork glass artist, I love glass frit! the more the better! However, when it comes to putting it back in the jar it came in after lampwork session, that was a little tricky. I usually lost half of it to spilling it everywhere. I found this awesome utensil that is normally used in kitchen, but it works for glass frit, like it was specifically designed for it. 
It features large @4 inch by 6 inch area to pour your frit on and spread it out however you need. Once lampwork session is over, just tilt it slowly until the frit slides into the cylinder on the edge. 
Then it is as easy a pie to pour it right into the tiny jar the frit came in, without loosing it to spillage. :)

The glass frit in photos is for illustration only and is not included in the set.

Lampworking Tool - Lampwork Glass Frit Tray